The Visayas are the middle part of the Philippines. In the north, it is next to Luzon, and in the south it touches “the land of promise” Mindanao. Some of the best-known places in the Visayas are Boracay Island, Cebu or Bohol. But there are many other interesting islands and areas to discover.

Negros with Dumaguete

Dumaguete City is the capital of Negros Oriental, Visayas, PhilippinesNegros Oriental is home to the beautiful city of Dumaguete. This capital is famous for the good food, the students, interesting nightlife and many sights around which are the reason for many tourists coming back every now and then. Many European foreigners like Swiss and Germans are based in Dumaguete City, which is also known to be a safe place with low criminal rate.

Siquijor: Voodoo Island in the Visayas

Not far away from Dumaguete, there is Siquijor which is said to be a Voodoo Island. In fact, that wonderful island is home to many sigbins and white ladies (just kidding). Siquijor belongs also to Negros Oriental and was just discovered for tourism a few years ago. But it has a lot to offer, and people are as nice as in Camiguin Island in Mindanao.

The towns Siquijor, Larena and San Juan are very peaceful and next to San Juan there are many beach resorts like “Coco Grove” / “Coco Grande” or “Royal K” which are famous for their good service. Like in all over the Visayas, there are many activities to do: diving, biking, climbing caves, visiting historical sights, enjoying a very rich nature and much more.

Apo Island: sanctuary for divers

Also next to Siquijor and Dumaguete City, there is Apo Island. It is a sanctuary for divers and students of the Siliman University  are taking care and doing research about that small island. There are not many islands which offer so many different corals and underwater animals like Apo Island. Malapascua in the north-east of Cebu Island is by far not that interesting.

Cebu in the center of the Visayas

Cebu City is the central metropole in the Visayas and the whole PhilippinesCebu Island and especially Cebu City are located in the very center of the Visayas and the whole Philippines. Cebu City is a prospering metropole and probably the fastest growing one in the Philippine archipelago.

From there you can easily reach all other important cities and islands in the Philippines. Airplanes are leaving regularly for Manila, Cagayan or Davao City. Tourists like the white beach around Cebu City, and at the same time, there are also many historical sights which offer many stories to interested people.

Besides from Dumaguete, Siquijor, Apo Island and Cebu, there are many other islands worth a visit like Leyte and Samar as well. Riding an ordinary bus from the top of Samar to the bottom of Leyte is awesome and gives a very good idea of the wonderful landscapes in the Visayas.

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