Siquijor Island has some Voodoo Priests and sigbins. At least, that´s what some filipinos would tell you

Siquijor: Voodoo Island in the Visayas

Siquijor Island has some Voodoo Priests and sigbins. At least, that´s what some filipinos would tell youOne of the most beautiful islands in the Philippines is Siquijor Island, which is easily accible from Dumaguete, the capital of Negros Oriental in the Visayas. But there are also fast crafts going from Cebu City to Siquijor which is said to be a “Voodoo Island” with sigbins and white ladies. Though I did not yet meet any after five times traveling to that area, I do not doubt that you could find some – if you only search long enough and believe😉

Siquijor Island: breathtaking nature

Siqijor: Beach in front of Coco Grove Beach ResortWhat impresses me every time I am back in Siquijor Island, is the wonderful nature. During my last trip in March and April 2010, I was even able to meet some farmers who told me about that area and the great variety in plants and animals. People prefer to grow their crops and fruits without any chemicals, and generally spoken, visitors can see and feel that the island is pretty clean and in a good shape.

This is pretty much like in Camiguin Island, which is not many kilometres away going east. That small volcanic island is already part of Mindanao and famous for the best Lanzones in the Philippines. In Siquijor island, there are also some natural doctors and medicine-men who share their ancient knowledge about the rare and useful plants on Voodoo island.

I once met a guy near Dumaguete, which is about 30 minutes away by Ocean Jet from Siquijor, who told me about the famous medicine men (and probably Voodoo priests): sometimes they would be visited by Western doctors who want to get to know about their medicine; it seems that there are useful plants which could only be found on Siquijor island

Best beach in Siquijor

Coco Grove Beach Resort hat a wonderful view on the sunset in SiquijorWithout question, to my mind the beast beach in Siquijor is in front of Coco Grove Beach Resort. There are many beach resorts in Siquijor, but that one is probably the most famous one. I have been there many times and what I enjoy most is the wonderful sunset at the beach.

Coco Grove Beach Resort has not only a nice beach, but also a very good service. People from all over the world love the ambiance at Coco Grove Beach Resort and enjoy diving in the sanctuary. Apo Island is also not far away, and there are even more activities to do: visiting Cantabon Cave, biking, kajacking or swimming in one of the pools of the beach resort.

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  1. We visited family in Siquijor last summer. If you are in a main city like Manilla you really have to look out especially after dark. The people on Siquijor were the friendliest and I felt at ease there. Whe did have family guiding us but never had an issue. Many speak English but it is best to learn Cebuano befpre you go. Just take your time and look out as the roads need work. Also look out for falling coconuts and Geckos. Neat place and we will be back there soon.

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