The chocolate hills on Bohol island close to the town of Carmen

Round Trip on Bohol Island in the Center of the Visayas

The chocolate hills on Bohol island close to the town of CarmenBohol island is located right in the middle of the fascinating island world of the Philippines not far from Cebu island, the metropolis in the Visayas. When visiting Bohol and the charming small islands surrounding  this province, you should not miss to spend a day visiting all those places of interest, distributed across the land area. The transport connection to and from Cebu City is well established and a ride on one of the numerous ferries will last for a few hours only.

There are mostly divers and skin-divers populating the beaches close to a multitude of excellent diving spots. When joining a round trip across Bohol island you will enjoy a day full of adventures. The service people offering such round trips will identify you very quickly as a potential customer so, it will be very easy to organize such an event. It will mainly be dependent on your negotiating skills to get a fare for a certain amount of Pesos

The famous Baclayon Church not far from Tagbilaran

The round trip across Bohol island will usually start with a visitation of the famous Baclayon church which was built in the second half of the 16th century. This impressive building with mighty walls is located just a few miles south of the provincial capital called Tagbilaran.

The root house close to the Baclayon Church in Tagbilaran, Bohol Besides the inner part of the Lord’s house, an amazingly large organ and an interesting small museum there is also a nice garden right behind the church. The focal point in this garden is the famous  root house. Additionally there are different species of tropical plants, colorful flowers and religious facilities inviting to take some minutes of devotional recreation.

Giant Python and Tarsier

During our round trip across Bohol in 2009 we had a stop at an enclosure, which accomodated a Python in a length of not less than 11 meters and a weight in the neighborhood of about 600 kg. The courages were even allowed to caress this beast.

On our way down to the Loboc river we had another whistle stop in an enclosure accomodating a very tiny species of monkeys, called Tarsier. Bohol island is one of the few places on this planet, where Tarsier are still living out-of-doors, at least to some extent.

These small guys are very popular and the amount of people visiting this place is in accordance.

“Jungle river cruise” on the Loboc river

When leaving this place, the drving service will offer you to join a boating trip on the Loboc river. This is an optional part of the round trip but it is recommendable to participate.

Boating trip on the Loboc River in Bohol, PhilippinesThe driving service is attuned to this event and is going to pick you up again when finished. The fare is about 300 Pesos and includes a meal with typical Filipino food in a menu style with different delicious dishes.

During a stopover at a dedicated landing, there will be a nice presentation of folkloristic singing and dancing, a charming event impressed from young and old male and female performers.

The Chocolate Hills

Following the boat trip on the Loboc River the driving service will be heading towards the key destination, the Chocolate Hills.

The chocolate hills on Bohol island close to the town of Carmen

On the way there, you will pass nice and diversified territories with large Mahagony forests.

The Chocolate hills are quite in the middle of Bohol island close to the town of Carmen, very popular and a lot of busses and vans are activated on the roads in the hilly landscape. The evolutionary history of those hills are not really clarified yet and shall not be subject to clarification in this contribution.

Approaching the chocolate hills with cars and busses and the departure from there is well organized. The same is true for all other instances supporting the visitors such as parking, availability of restaurants and restrooms.

Good stairways and a platform on top of one of the hills allow convenient sightseeing and excellent scenery views.

The butterfly farm on Bohol island, PhilippinesOn the way back to Tagbilaran we had a final stop at a butterfly farm. It has been an impressive finish on our round trip across Bohol island.

This small piece of land showcases itself like a garden of Eden with its numerous exotic flowers, tropical plants and a big diversity of butterflies.

The characteristics of the different species of moths and butterflies will be thoroughly explained from skilled service people. One of the main challenges they have is to avoid extinction of the most endangered, local species.

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