Fishing boats on Malapascua

Malapascua, Dream Island Destination in the North-East of Cebu-Philippines

Malapascua is the name of  a small dreamlike island located in the north-east of the province of Cebu. Malapascua is hardly being realized as a worthy destination for most of the visitors going to the Philippines. Often  it is  being found just accidentally. When travelling through the Philippines via Cebu city it is worthwhile considering a temporary stay there for at least three to five days.

Being in Cebu City a somewhat arduous  ride will start at one of those countless bus stations distributed allover the town districts and will last for about 5 hours.  Such a ride will however provide you with a lot of impressions and insights around the everyday life as you are driving through urban area for about 1 to 2 hours. When travelling in groups of 4 and more people it may pay off to take  a taxicab because this alternative will not add significant expenses if at all.

Taxicabs in Cebu City and elsewhere on the Philippines will typically be equipped with aircon. Leaving the urban area shortly behind the town of Carmen the rural districts of the province of Cebu will start. This area is diversified and does not show a monocultural view.  It will provide meaningful impressions of agriculture and forestry.

In a small town called Maya, at the very end in the north-east of Cebu island you will have to transfer into one of those typical bamboo boats in order to finally get to your destination, Malapacua island.

Fishing boats on Malapascua, north-eastern Cebu, Visayas, Philippines

Despite the fact, that Malapascua is a small island it accomodates quite a few beach resorts and lodgings of all sorts. It should be easy to find the right one for each individual taste and financial abilities. The idyllic scenery of fishing boats  transitions smoothly into the area, where all these lodgings, beach resorts and diving shops are located. There is a good selection of different restaurants offering typical Asian and so also Filipino food, as well as European or American style of meals.

I personally prefer those rustic fish-grill events directly on the beach which are being organized every evening from fishermen and their families.

Resort cottage on Malapascua, Visayas, Philippines

Malapascua is  a good place for diving as well as all those individuals who just want to enjoy the beach, go swimming or snorkeling. One should also take the chance to arrange a day trip to another even smaller island called Langgaman. This island can be reached with one of those typical Bamboo boats  in about 90 minutes. Langgaman owns a beautiful white beach and it is surely worth going there. You can experience a wonderful day and quietness on this charming island provided, you didn’t forget to take some food and beverages with you.

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