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Flights within and to the Philippines

The Philippines are always worth a trip. My last one has been during March and April 2010, and I was able to see a lot of new wonderful places in the Philippines. This time, I did not take Qatar Airways, but Etihad. The reason for switching this time was that I had to fly out of Frankfurt and go to Manila and the airfare was by far lower compared to other airlines.

I guess that both airlines are great if you want to travel to the Philippines and you don´t care about having a stop-over in Doha or in Abu Dhabi. Anyway, I usually appreciate the time in between the two flights. From Frankfurt to Abu Dhabi it took me about six hours, and from there going to Manila it was another eight hours I guess. The stop-over was like two hours.

Back in 1992 I took Philippine Airlines which was a direct flight from Frankfurt to Manila; but afterwards I always took either Qatar or Etihad. Good thing with the first one is that it is also going from Munich to Cebu which is quite practical for me, coz I am based in Munich and have another base in Cebu, so I don´t have to pay a lot of other transfer costs.

For domestic flights I usually take Cebu Pacific. They sometimes offer cheap promo rates, and this time I was able to get a flight for around 1000 Pesos going from Laoag to Manila. I was quite happy, because otherwise I would have taken the bus which makes the trip in around 12 hours. Apart from Cebu Pacific, there is Seair for example: i once took that airline going from Cebu to Camiguin.

Another option would be Philippine Airlines; but the last time I used that one was also many years ago, when I flew from Ozamiz to Cebu. Within the Philippines, there are many flights and it is comparably cheap to take the airplane there. But usually I would prefer to take the bus, even the “ordinary” one, because I woul be able to see and enjoy the beautiful landscape of the provinces:)

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    Very professional and nice site!

    I travelled to the Philippines 4 years ago and it is one of my favourite countries, so nice to visited north Luzon with Sagada and the rice terraces. I also went to the Visayas, to Siquijor and Panglao. Two years ago I started kite surfing and I heard several times Boracay is a great place for it. Do you know if there is any good place for gear rental?.

    Thanks a Lot and cheers

    Mario from

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